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Day Center

Our Day Center is the hub of all activity for PACE of Southwest Michigan. Most of our participants come to the day center a few days each week and are transported to and from the center on a PACE bus.

While here they are able to see the nurse, pharmacist, or doctor, attend physical or occupational therapy, have a hot meal, and participate in social or therapeutic activities.



Nutrition Services

The goal of nutrition services is to optimize the nutritional health of each participant. We accomplish this by offering meals and snacks at PACE, mealtime support at home, providing education on proper meal choices to manage chronic diseases, and assessing for changes in nutritional status.


Assessment and Education

Our dietitian completes initial and annual assessments for each PACE participant. Also provided are 1:1 and group education sessions related to disease management, special diets, and weight management.


Noon Meals

Consists of a well-balanced hot meal from our contracted provider Senior Nutrition Services. Each meal meets 1/3 of Dietary Reference Intakes. Mealtime at PACE promotes a pleasant and social atmosphere which are factors that can improve the food intake of older adults. Each week PACE serves approximately 350 meals.


Nutritional Supplements

PACE offers nutritional supplements to participants who need additional calories. Supplements are provided when a participant has unintentional weight loss, a poor appetite, or difficulty chewing and swallowing.


Social Work

The goal of social work is to advocate for and support our participants, their families, and caregivers.

Our services include:

  • Referral to community resources– food assistance, financial assistance, and housing assistance
  • Educating and providing assistance with the completion of advance directives
  • Facilitating requests from caregivers for respite
  • Ensuring our participants maintain their financial eligibility for PACE
  • Offering supportive counseling and referral to individual counseling services

“My social worker is a good friend that I care about. She is a very thoughtful person.”

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